Nice, the Côte d’Azur


Nice is absolutely pristine. It’s remarkable how manicured it all feels — part dream resort destination, part Disney. I suppose Disney is a dream resort destination too, so the mental association makes sense. But there’s something about cities that are too spick and span — they seem to lose their charm, somehow; the quaintness and quirkiness that gives a city character even if it loses a little of its luster. Not that I’m complaining; Nice was gorgeous, walkable and clean, with sunshine warming the rocky beach and reflecting off the Mediterranean.



And plenty of cultural events, too. (We saw a ballet.)


Socca, the local fare. It’s a very salty flatbread, with a bit of a mealy consistency and a slightly scorched aftertaste. It reminds me a little of Korean 누룽지, except that the salt was overpowering. We ate a couple bites and called it a day.



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