Les Délices du Marche

Google Translate, don’t fail me now: I believe today’s title is the correct translation of what I want to say… but, never having studied French, I can’t be sure.

I did pick up more French on this trip than on any prior visit to France, though not enough to be anywhere near conversant, sadly. Luckily, though, you can close the better part of gap with body language, especially when it comes to shopping.

Points at block of cheese…
No, not that block of cheese; the one behind it….
Yes, yes, thumbs up!
Indicates slice thickness with hands…
Shakes head, pinches to mean a smaller slice…
Nods with a smile…
Hears a bunch of numbers in French, hands over a €20 bill to be safe…

It works pretty much every time. The only downside is, after you do this at a couple stands, you end up with an awful lot of loose change on your hands!

Le Marche



Incredibly realistic-looking macaron soaps. They look like you could bite right into them, but I doubt they’d taste nearly as good as one would hope.
A local favorite — candied fruits. Far, far too sweet for my taste, but we did give it a fair shake!
Salchichas. Wrong language, I know. But I love that word.
Mmmm… these make my mouth water.
Jams! The South of France truly produces the best preserves; I wonder what the secret is. Most likely, the amazing quality of the fruit that goes into them, and perhaps because of how delightful it is on a baguette with a bit of cheese! I practically spent the whole week looking for the best fruit preserves and bought quite a few from this stand.

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