Les Calanques


Spanning the coast from Marseille to Cassis is the Massif des Calanques, a range of limestone formations rimmed by a translucent sea.

Just minutes from Marseille’s old port, the calanques loom large with their craggy white cliffs and gorgeous blue inlets. I wish I could tell you more factoids about them (like how Marseillaise resistance hid out in these cavernous hills in WWII), but the boat tour was entirely in French so I didn’t catch a word. Instead I just focused on taking in the sunshine and grandeur!

My only regret is not swimming in that delicious blue water. I envy those kayakers especially!


I also spied hikers and rock climbers along these ridges and wished I’d had time to trek. If I ever go back to this area, it’s definitely on my list!


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