Deja vu in Paris

paris balcony

I understand now why people fall in love with Paris. I didn’t until this trip; it always seemed a little too… too ornate, perhaps; too romanticized by too many people.

But on my last trip to Paris, I found that the city seemed to remember me — that the street corners I’ve stumbled upon before welcomed me back with a canny sense of deja vu. That’s what’s so amazing about Paris; it both retains the history of the greats in museums and mausoleums, and reignites memories that resonate with just one person in this wide world.

Having had my fill of places and history on prior trips, this time it was the present–the people who make the city come alive–that caught my eye.

paris seine

paris canal st martin

paris canal st martin

paris canal st martin

paris pompidou

paris cafe

steps to montmartre


7 thoughts on “Deja vu in Paris

  1. Until recently, I believed that I fell in love with Paris because of the ornate and the romanticized image of the city. The last couple of trips have made me realize it is the way Paris makes me feel that draws me back and keeps me wanting to go back. It is as you called it Déjà Vu.

  2. Love this. I’m a big fan of Paris for the same reason. Past and present merge in such a beautiful way. I’ve been three times now and it’s never enough. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are some great dynamic shots of street life in Paris! I am an American living in Paris and I know there is often a big difference between the Paris represented in photographs and Paris in real life. Paris is beautiful but the daily experiences are the best: a slow stroll along the banks of the Seine, a relaxing drink on a café terrace…

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