High Contrast

Hong Kong - street

In more regards than the intensity of sunlight, Hong Kong is a city of such contrast.

I started my day riding the ding ding tram through dizzyingly stacked streets, walkways atop walkways, so many people rushing along multiple planes of existence. It’s like you’re in a real-life Escher.

Hong Kong - Peak tram

I jostled with tourists elbow to elbow, waiting nearly an hour to take the Peak Tram.

Hong Kong - Peak hike lush green

But I walked down alone, passing exactly three people on an hour-long hike in intense heat.

Hong Kong - Peak hike flower

Suddenly, solitude.

Hong Kong - Harbour

Hong Kong - Harbour sunset

Skyline blending with the mountain ridge.

Hong Kong - Harbour night

The city is nestled against nature; the skyscraper lights mirrored in the harbor.

In Hong Kong, you can experience touristy road rage and serene nature walks, ferry rides across the harbor or careening down crowded streets, oppressive daytime heat and nonstop nightlife, all in a day.

What a beautiful city.


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