Seoul, Vignettes

Korea - Namsan Tower
The Instagrammable view of Namsan Tower from my hotel window.
A rare quiet moment in this can’t-stop won’t-stop nonstop city. This cafe didn’t even open until 10, but the staff let me eat and sit here as early as 8.30. 감사합니다! <3
View of Kyungbok Palace and the Blue House. Seeing the touristy things from windows was as close as I got on this trip. Such is the nature of work trips, but luckily I’d already done the touristy things on prior trips to Korea.
An elaborate, non-Korean tea ceremony hosted by a tea aficionado, collector and gallery owner. He proudly showed off his Chinese teas from the 1960s with iconic illustrations from the Cultural Revolution.
The hustle and bustle of Myeongdong.
Street performers and viewers viewing through their devices.
I don’t know what this store actually sells, but I love the decor.
Myeongdong comes alive at night. The lights become garishly bright; street vendors set up their tchotchkes, food stands emanate the steam of various latenight snacks. Sensory overload, to the max.
Celebrating my aunt’s birthday. A special moment and truly rare treat, since I so rarely get to see my relatives.
Herro, pup! The cutest.
I’m missing my relatives already, this lil mascot included!

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