The Sad Side of Seoul

I’ve been in Korea for a week and a half, and it’s been a wonderful time. On the work side, learned a ton about civil society in Korea; personally, caught up with tons of relatives; gastronomically, ate my heart out.

But the sad side? The subway cars, as well as the stations in Gangnam / Apgujung, are plastered with ads for plastic surgery clinics. Today, I overheard girls commenting on how much prettier the person in an ad had become, before-and-after.

Photo cred: The Whelming

What really gets me is that it starts so, so young in the culture. Ten years ago, I was at a daycare center run by a pastor’s wife who played with a sweet baby, saying, “You’ve got such a cute personality! When you grow up, all you need is a little plastic surgery to be pretty.”

And in that vein, I saw an ad today that translates as follows:

‘Mom! They say that you get pretty when you grow up… Where do I need to grow up to become pretty?’

Let’s go.

Propose Plastic Surgery

It breaks my heart.


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