Yosemite, Google Maps informs, me, is a “go-to destination for outdoor activities.” That tickles me.

It’s amazing that a place of such impressive beauty is just a few hours’ drive away. We drove into the valley late at night, when it was so dark that we could hardly see the next bend in the road. It was a bit of a harrowing drive, but not knowing what lay before us made the following morning all the more glorious.

Yosemite Camp Curry

We stayed at Camp Curry, a village of tent cabins. It was definitely a glamping experience, and they’re also quite strict about not having campfires or food in tents, so it wasn’t quite the feeling of being out in the woods that one might hope for. However, it did mean that we didn’t get woken up in the middle of the night by foraging animals, so that was good.


We spent the day hiking around the valley — here at Mirror Lake. We just went for a weekend, Friday night through Sunday afternoon, so there wasn’t as much time to get off the beaten path. There’s nothing wrong with the beaten path — it’s actually quite beautiful — but crowded, too tamed in a way. I definitely look forward to going back soon and doing more trails!





We didn’t hike Half Dome, either, which I’d definitely like to do sometime. Basically, I consider this to have been a scouting trip for how to plan the next one :)


Where we stopped for lunch — the best seat in the house





On Sunday morning, we opted to drive out early to beat the traffic out of the valley. We stopped to see waterfalls and gorgeous views of the valley, and stopped by Merced Grove just at the western edge of the park to see the Sequoias. There are more Sequoias in Mariposa Grove, but it was about an hour’s drive out of the way, which wouldn’t really have done much for us in terms of beating traffic!

I loved Merced Grove though — it was more brambly, with fewer people. Just the kind of peace and quiet I’d been hoping for.


Three Sequoia trees.





The short story is, a two-day trip does little justice to this gorgeous national park. and neither do my photos! Just gotta get back there as often as possible.


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