Scrambling up Berkeley Hills

Berkeley Hills

“C’s Trailhead” started with an uphill scramble up, while grabbing roots and rocks to avoid slipping backward.

Yep, this hike was described as “moderate” too. C went to Berkeley for undergrad and used to come up this way after class. What an amazing getaway! To literally be above it all, civilization and all its cares lying below you. You know you have to go back down soon enough, but for just a sweet little while, the only thing on your mind is the greenery, the wildflowers, the sunshine, the uphill trek.

Berkeley Hills

Berkeley Hills

Berkeley Hills - Rock Altar

Lawrence Hall of Science

I can’t tell you which way we walked; most of it was uphill, and some of it was along bendy roadsides with little visibility for cars coming round the bend. (Read: scary!) We stopped by the Lawrence Hall of Science on our way down, and from there followed the road back down to campus.

I think we trekked about 7-8 miles total. Springtime in the Bay area means hikes every weekend! It’s the only thing helping me maintain my sanity right now, with how crazy the work weeks have been…


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