A Perfect Picnic at Tomales Bay Oyster Company

Grilled oysters

I organized a Saturday outing to shuck fresh oysters at Tomales Bay Oyster Company in Point Reyes. Absolutely gorgeous day, delicious fresh oysters, basically a big picnic party right by the bay. (A friend commented that when it gets crowded, it feels like spring break!)

Yep, pretty much looks like spring break.

Lessons learned:

  • They are not nearly as strict as they sound on the website about group size per table (though it does get crowded) and making the payment 10 days in advance for the table. Whew! Cuz that was totally stressing me out while wrangling who/how many were planning to come.
  • Don’t forget utensils for cooking (ladles, paring knives) and grilling (tongs). Also things for eating and drinking (plastic utensils, plates, cups). I forgot the former but luckily remembered the latter just in the nick of time, or we would have been drinking stew out of a communal pot and eating off the picnic table!!! As it was, we were using the knife to stir the stew. #RookieMistake.
  • It was chillier than I expected — the breeze is cold, despite the glorious sunshine!
  • Two words: lighter fluid. Getting those coals going was not easy! We were lucky to have gracious neighbors who let us borrow their lighter fluid. And we were at least a little less savvy than a later group who came over to us asking to borrow our matches. Ha!
  • Once the table’s reserved, cars are organized, and things to bring are divvied up — the day itself is a breeze! You just walk down to the counter and buy some of the freshest, most delicious oysters you’ll ever eat. The organizing part was a little stressful, not gonna lie, but I feel much better prepped to plan this a second time and know what to bring. I definitely recommend this experience!
How to shuck an oyster

After a perfectly satiating–but not overly food coma-inducing–lunch, we drove over to Limantour Beach in Point Reyes to walk off some of the calories. Point Reyes is a beautiful area with lots of hike options just a short drive away from Tomales Bay.

Love that vista.
Walking the dunes
Enjoys long walks on the beach.
A great egret, I believe?



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