Graced with Light – Grace Cathedral

Graced with Light

Twenty miles of ribbon sway gently, draping downward from Grace Cathedral’s vaulted ceilings. The visual effect is so beautiful and has to be seen in person; the ribbons catch the light like a hologram and create the illusion of light coming in through stained glass. It really stunned me that something as simple as ribbon could elevate a visual form to be so lyrical and beautiful and spiritually moving.

The display of ribbons, which “carry our prayers, dreams and wishes skyward,” is called “Graced with Light” by the 2013 artist in residence Anne Paterson.

The cathedral is gorgeous in its own right and open to the public. It’s also only a few blocks from where I now live, and I just want to go sit and enjoy the stillness and reverence. There’s also a labyrinth that actually takes quite a long time to traverse — it’s supposed to lead you to a meditative state if not a dizzy one :)

Graced with Light

The installation is currently scheduled to remain until the end of February 2014. Check the Facebook page for updates, and be sure to see it before it ends!

Photos courtesy of D.


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