Santa Frisco

SantaCon 2013 is on today at Duboce Park!

San Francisco sure is a quirky place! Today is SantaCon, a day when everyone dresses up in Santa costumes and goes on a city-wide pub crawl.

There seems to be a city-wide quirkfest at least once a month, and I love how SF’s inhabitants are game for anything. The crowds that show up don’t do anything half-assed! Well, that is, in literal terms they might be even less than half-assed (take Bay to Breakers, for example). But I mean that in terms of effort, SF’s city dwellers show up with all-out, totally-bought-in gusto.

It’s the up-for-anything spirit of this city that made it possible to stage the Batkid’s wish on such a large scale. Only in SF would the police force drape Batkid placards on their motorcycles while maintaining crowd control for the thousands of supporters who showed up to see the mayor of the city conduct a City Hall ceremony for one, very plucky, young cancer survivor.

You’ve probably seen it by now, but… it’s my first post in a while, and it’s just too good not to share:




2 thoughts on “Santa Frisco

  1. NYC Santacon was today too! Based on your picture, it seems like a fairly low-key, civilized event. The NYC one is also the largest, therefore crowd control and public drunkenness are a big issue. Metronorth, NJ Transit, and the Long Island Railroad all banned alcohol on their trains for 24 hours and several NYC neighborhoods warned Santacon revelers to stay away because of the destruction left behing by Santacon in the past. I have never participated in the NYC one just because it seems too chaotic and crazy. But the SF one actually looks like fun!

    1. Oh dear.. that doesn’t sound so festive! I heard that it actually becomes unpleasant by mid-day here too, once people get a bit too far gone. I guess that’s the nature of the beast!

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