Bay Area Livin’: We Hike So We Can Eat

The Bay area lifestyle is known to be outdoorsy. Weekend hikes are the norm, bike rides over to Sausalito, skiing in Tahoe, or trekking up Half Dome.

You’re probably imagining San Franciscans as being all fit and caffeinated and not an ounce of body fat on them. There are those types, yes. But then there’s the rest of us, who work out only so as to burn off all some of the calories we take in. Because the eating here–it is gooood.

There are few points on which I’ll concede that NYC > SF, but here’s one: I don’t get quite the same frequency of visitors here as I did when I lived in New York. I do still get some visitors, but fewer and farther between.

But lucky me!!! Last week, everyone came to town. A lot of incredible eating happened. K and I sat at the bar at Nopa for three hours, eating nonstop. We were there so long and ate so much, the bartender told us dessert was on him. So we had dessert too. Nopa was really one of the best eating experiences I’ve had so far in SF. Not to add to the hype (we were at the bar because there were no Open Table reservations until mid-September!). It really just is that good.

My bro and sister-in-law-to-be were also in town, and I spent the day with them on Saturday. Our itinerary was literally a short hike bookended by all-day feasting. We barely even had enough time to work up an appetite between brunch and dinner, but the food was so good, we ate it all anyway.

Brunch at Zazie’s. The waitress highly recommended the gingerbread pancakes. We each got eggs, plus an order of pancakes to share. I had an egg benedict with crab, green onions, and other amazingly delicious things. Also, the gingerbread pancakes were amazing. Also, we were sitting out in the garden patio and it was sunny. It really doesn’t get much better than that!
After brunch, we headed to the Marin Headlands for a hike. We walked along the beach, watched some wakeboarders, and continued along the Coastal Trail for a while.
Absolutely gorgeous.
On the way back, we stopped at a lookout point for views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city beyond.
We had dinner at Esperpento, a Spanish restaurant. We ordered so many tapas, and everything was delicious. And then we had seafood paella. I’d joked with the owner that we were going to order everything. When he came to our table and saw everything we’d ordered, he acknowledged that I wasn’t kidding around! Hehehe.

There was, I’ll admit, an ulterior motive behind planning out this amazing and delicious day: to get M+K to move here next year!

‘Cause ya know, visitors are nice and all, but I actually want everyone to move here! All my friends and family! Having you here would truly make this the best place to live.


4 thoughts on “Bay Area Livin’: We Hike So We Can Eat

    1. Believe it or not, the paella was not the best thing on the menu! The rice was a bit more moist/soupy in texture than I would have thought. Still good. But the tapas were amaaaaazing. Ah, gotta love Spanish food!

  1. I miss the Bay Area. Try Tu Lan Vietnamese Restaurant, if you haven’t already. Julia Child raved about it. Definitely not for the ambience but so flavorful and good, and not just because of the low prices befitting my Financial Aided law student pockets back in ’05.

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