A Saturday in Seville

After 10 days of intense tourism, I had nothing left when I got to Seville. And since the primary reason I went was for M’s wedding, I decided to conserve energy so I could actually be fully there for the celebration.

In other words, I did zero sightseeing.

Instead, I just shopped, walked around, had some tapas, enjoyed the sunshine and street performers and sat by the pool on the longest day of summer–it was still completely bright out at 5pm!

It was fabulous.

The first thing I have to say about Seville is that the breakfast spread at the hotel was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. This is no cheesy “continental breakfast” with a few boxes of cereal. Oh no. There are cured meats (jamon iberico!!!), cheese, loaves of fresh bread, fresh-squeezed juices, pastries, Spanish omelette and savory bites, salad, fresh fruit, and my personal favorite–


The do-it-yourself yogurt bar. Pumpkin seed, dried mango and papaya, coconut flakes… Oh. my. goodness.


Best thing about Spanish living is that this amazing breakfast is open until 11.30am on weekends. With a spread like this, who needs lunch?!

Which is precisely why I only had one tapa for lunch–and it was so good! Seared ahi tuna.

I loved Seville, and was only able to forego the sightseeing destinations by convincing myself I would go back to see Andalucia more closely and comprehensively someday. There are few places I’ve visited in Europe that seemed family-friendly, but Seville tops the list. Pedestrian-friendly, clean, sunny, warm, affordable and delicious food!

With the tram car lines, horse-drawn carriages and turreted castles and buildings, it looks like Disneyland. But cleaner, less crowded, and the real thing!

La Giralda, where I believe Christopher Columbus is buried. I wouldn’t know–I didn’t go inside! Haha.

Someday, I will be back! As the Terminator would say, Hasta la vista, baby.


2 thoughts on “A Saturday in Seville

  1. I’ve been inside that cathedral 3 times so I can tell you yes, there is a tomb dedicated to Christopher Columbus but nobody really knows if those are his remains. It seems Columbus’s remains were moved around several times after he died in Spain. There is also a tomb in the Dominican Republic which bears his name. They did a DNA test on the remains in Seville and they say they believe those are Columbus’s real remains (they’ve never let anyone study the remains in the DR) but nobody is really 100% sure!

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