Apiaceae / carrot flowers

The penultimate stop of my Europe trip–and the primary reason for going–was M&M’s wedding in Seville. That being said, I was not prepared for the all-night fiesta that is a Spanish wedding. No one warned me ahead of time!!! When I heard rumors that there would be hot dogs for refueling at 3.30am, I knew I was in for trouble. Especially as I had booked a train to Madrid at 8.45 am the following morning.


After the ceremony, chartered buses took us to an hacienda 40 minutes outside the city. There’s no getting off the island until the first bus leaves–at 2am! But forget leaving on the first bus; there’s a reason they call it the fifty-plus-bus. Anyone under the age of 50 is really expected to stay til at least the next bus after that, which leaves at 3.30.

Open bar until 6.30am. Last bus leaves at 8am.

Let’s just say that had I known all this, I would not have scheduled a train to plane to shuttle to triple-metro connection starting at 8.45am the next morning. I was committed to partying for as long as I could, but I knew I’d have to get at least a few hours’ shuteye or risk ending up stranded somewhere between Madrid and Paris.


M cleverly planned her wedding on the longest day of summer in Seville. By this time, I believe it was already 8.30pm and the sun was barely beginning to set.


The grad school table: decorated bookishly. So cute!

I checked my watch when the main course was served. It was midnight! Followed by dessert and a delicious cup of coffee.


And then, time to hit the dance floor.


There’s no excuse for being tired: power up on some sugar at the candy bar!


The lovely couple!


I was tempted to get on the fifty-plus-bus, but then a live flamenco band started to play. And the REAL party began. So much joy! So much flamenco! Spanish weddings are my new fave.

I honestly took something beautiful away from this wedding. American weddings tend to feel very programmatic–cake cutting, speech, first dance, father daughter dance, video, bouquet toss, photos with each table, etc etc. But this was just a big ol’ party. After all, when else do you get to have everyone you love in a room together? And party with them all night long? I doubt I’d be able to convince my friends to party til 8am, but I like this in principle. (Though, come to think of it, there was that one goodbye party that lasted til 8am with ACE… AND we even made it to church the next morning!)

Thank you, M&M, for an incredible experience. I’m absolutely delighted and honored to have been part of your joyous day!


4 thoughts on “¡Sevilla!

  1. What a wedding (and trip!) to remember. I showed my daughter the pics (she’s engaged and in the early ceremony planning stages) and gasped at how pretty and expensive the whole thing must’ve been!
    Great post!

    1. Good luck to your daughter with wedding planning! My hunch is that the wedding industry is more expensive over here. Maybe she can plan a destination wedding! Haha :)

  2. Welcome to European weddings! I have been to two weddings in France and it is the same thing. In France, you often rent a place out in the countryside for the reception where there are no annoying noise ordinances so you can party and be loud all night long. In the US, it is much more regulated (boo!). We left each reception after 2 AM but there were still people dancing and partying up a storm. The next day, there is usually a brunch for wedding guests before they leave to go home (again, American weddings do not do this–traditionally the couple leaves right away for their honeymoon).

    I still had fun at my American friend’s wedding last year, but it was very formulaic like you said.

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