Tastes of Mexico in San Diego

I did so little preparation for this trip, I barely even realized how close San Diego is to Mexico. That is, until I had a warm, toasty, sugar-sprinkled churro.

I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve had churros maybe three times in my life before. Once when I visited Los Angeles in 8th grade–I was not impressed. Once, maybe, at a carnival or something. And most recently, at a famous chocolateria in Madrid. At none of these times did I like churros.

But at Roberto’s, I couldn’t get enough! The churros were $1.50 of pure pleasure. Nom nom nom.

Also, the carne asada fries.

We demolished them.

We went to Boomer’s, where we played skeet ball, basketball, air hockey, DDR and more. For all our efforts, we earned 415 tickets, which was enough to get a packet of stickers and a tootsie roll each.

After pigging out on carne asada fries and churros, even several hours of rigorous arcade playing was not enough to work up a large enough appetite, so we skipped dinner. Instead, we went straight to Extraordinary Desserts.

It was not a mistake. It was the most artistic, rich, delicious, delectable, wonderful dinner substitute I’ve ever had.

Devonshire strawberry shortcake.

Warm bread pudding, but instead of using plain bread, here they crumble oodles of chocolatey croissants into this delightful creation.

Raspberry mousse with plenty of flair.

The next morning, we had the leftover desserts for breakfast. (Yes, really.)

We also tried to burn off a few calories with a morning walk around the neighborhood. It has a very different architectural style and vibe than I’m used to, but some of these houses are truly beautifully landscaped. Lemon trees, flowers, hedges, cacti… lots of loving touches adorn these cute homes!

These sidewalk paintings are a nice artistic touch, although it does crack me up when the sidewalk painting is of the house. As if you wouldn’t be able to find the house otherwise. (You’re staring right at it.)

Later in the day, we went to the famed Hotel del Coronado:

And sat on the beach.

Gold! Mica mixes in the sand, making this beach one of the sparkliest I’ve ever been to.

For lunch, we ordered some more carne asada fries at La Playa Tacos in Mission Beach. (We preferred the carne asada fries at Roberto’s, though.)

But ah, the shrimp tacos were absolutely delightful.

Happy Birthday to our host, K! So glad to finally see you in your new home city–thanks for showing us around, detours and all!


3 thoughts on “Tastes of Mexico in San Diego

  1. If you went to Chocolateria San Gines, I wasn’t impressed either. They were too rich and I didn’t get what the hubbub was all about, they were definitely overrated. I had some recently at a Spanish restaurant called Espana in the States and the churros were amazing.

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