Butano State Park and Pescadero Beach

Last week, I came down hard with the worst case of gastroenteritis I’ve ever had. That sucked. I pretty much missed an entire week of work.

But I got better just in time to do a very easygoing overnight camping trip with my roommates to Butano State Park. Butano is a quick trip from San Francisco, about an hour south along Route 1. Yet even such a short drive transports you to a completely different environment, which is really something to love about living in the Bay area.

The trip mostly involved making fires, sitting around the fire, cooking things on the fire, and introducing our Belgian roommate to the great American experience of campfire s’mores (I think he ate eight in one sitting). Non-fire-related things included getting woken up by a combination of skunk spray and wild boar rummaging in the middle of the night.

Roasting peppers
Majestic woods
Sunlight dappling our tent

We ran out of time and I didn’t have a lot of energy, so we passed up the hiking trails in the park. Instead, we stopped by Pescadero State Beach:


Craggy beaches
Then we found this beautiful field of yellow flowers and poppies, the California state flower
And promptly lay down in it
So many succulents in bloom!

Then on the way home, we stopped in Half Moon Bay for clam chowder and fish & chips at Barbara’s Fish Trap. The lines were too long, so we took it to go (and hence I have no pictures to show for it). But take my word for it—very tasty!

All in all, a short, but much-needed and very restorative trip.

I’m pretty sure moving out here is the best idea I ever had. Or possibly the second-best, close behind moving to London last year.

Point is, I’m very blessed to be here.


2 thoughts on “Butano State Park and Pescadero Beach

  1. These pictures are beautiful! I remember doing some hiking around the Bay Area when I took a family trip to CA in 2006. Absolutely gorgeous scenery!

    Oh and I was woken up by skunk spray a few weeks ago as well when a skunk narrowly missed spraying my dad and dog early one morning. Instead our front door got sprayed. The smell was so strong that it woke up, I felt like the odor was coming from my room!

    1. Thanks! Yes, the area is so beautiful and there’s so much loveliness to explore. And skunk is such a hard smell to get out. Though for us, the smoke smell lingered even longer given all the fires we made!

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