Tilden Regional Park Hike

I finally went on my first real Bay area hike since moving out here! It’s about time. I was so excited that I power walked way ahead of my group (even though I didn’t know where we were going). The sun, the fresh air! Wildflowers in bloom and the smell of eucalyptus! I stopped to take lots of lovely deep breaths, but few photos. Apologies for the sparse showing here; I’ll do better next time.

Big shoutout and thanks to the fearless leaders of the trip. They led us on an approximately 5-mile loop with a steep, unrelenting uphill climb at the end. That was fun. But on the other side of the hill, refreshments, watermelons and many happy things awaited us! Which was brilliant.

Gorgeous view!
Happy trails
So very lush and lovely.
See? I didn’t even stop to get a photo of these actually in focus. They’re lovely though!
And I took this one while we waited for the rest of the group to catch up.

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