Toesocks! And other Travel Tips

Toesocks to prevent blisters. Shoes with soles that actually provide buffer from those cobblestone ridges. How to be kind to your feet without looking like a dorky American tourist in high-top sneakers and mid-calf socks. Satisfy the oft-incompatible criteria of sensibility and fashion sense.

Advice from tour guides in Europe–for whom walking well is essentially their livelihood–tells you all this and more in The New York Times‘ article, “Shoes the Pros Use.”

Basically, this is the best thing about to happen to my summer travel wardrobe. No longer do I have to sacrifice style for comfort! Well, not that I ever did when traveling. I definitely was that dorky, unapologetic American tourist squeaking around town in my sneakers.

These sneaks traveled all over Europe.
These heeled sandals gave me blisters.
Montmartre, Paris
These boots battered the cobblestone until the heels collapsed.
Oh yeah, and that’s me in my sneaks in Vienna, faceplanted by the wind into my map.

Time to do some online shopping! Read more @The New York Times.


4 thoughts on “Toesocks! And other Travel Tips

  1. Try some comfy low cut hiking boots. One of the ones that don’t look like hiking boots. Mine have lasted me for 4 years travelling the world.

    And as an added bonus, water proof too!

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