I Lack the Words.

My heart goes out to the people of Boston, of Waco, of Newtown, of too many towns and villages in this hard world that barely even make the headlines.
God of justice, God of mercy, make us merciful and just,
Help us see all your creation, as from you a sacred trust.
And when people cry in anguish for their own or other’s pain,
Show us ways to make a difference, O dear God make us humane!
How can we, as people chosen, by your grace for service here,
How endure another’s hardship without offering hope or cheer?
God, forgive us, we beseech you, when our love fails to empower.
Teach us how to be more faithful, in this present cruel hour.
Grant all people work with meaning, strength to care for those they love.
Food for table, truth for telling, challenges to rise above.
But remind us, God of justice, this is now our work, our call!
Changing life’s oppressive systems into ones empowering all.

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