Colder than Antarctica in NYC


Oh. my. goodness. It was cold in New York! A bone-chilling 10 degrees Fahrenheit when I arrived last week. There were only five short blocks between the subway station and B’s place but I ran, gasping for air the whole way.

V had warned me about this:

V: “In a bold display of winter’s full force, rarely seen so far during this abnormally warm winter, New York City was significantly colder than Denver, Colo., Anchorage, Alaska, and even McMurdo Station, Antarctica, on Wednesday.”
V: WTF…colder than Alaska during winter?
Me: aweo;gjawego;ihaweg
V: haha it’s summer in Antarctica
so that comparison isnt so bad

COLD. Really, really cold. So naturally the first thing I did was go get a hot, soothing, steaming bowl of Totto Ramen.


Anticipating colder-than-Antarctica weather, I didn’t bother bringing my dSLR as I imagined I wouldn’t want to bother fiddling with frostbitten fingers. But I was surprised to find myself standing in places I’d walked so many times before and seeing them anew. Even Times Square, which I avoided at all costs after having worked in the thick of it for a full year, or Grand Central station, which I’d passed through regularly since 2002.

That’s what’s amazing about New York City–nothing is ever the same, even if you’ve seen it a hundred times. The people who come and go make the city what it is, and it’s always bustling, always changing.

The Microsoft Office launch and Citi Pond at Bryant Park
The tree-lit walkway at Columbia University


I was very grateful for and inspired by A+H’s radical generosity. They have a lovely two-bedroom apartment that they’ve warmed up with personal touches. They keep the second bed+bath as a dedicated guest room for friends and people transitioning to the city. As someone who’s recently spent quite a lot of time surviving on the generosity of friends, I am sure their hospitality must be a gift to so many people! Including me :]


Oxtail stew at Havana Central.

Truly nomtastic dessert at Gaonnuri. Subtle yet potent flavors of Asian pear, ginger, vanilla ice cream, some kind of jelly with gold leaf. A very classy party in your mouth.

Green tea, yuzu, and other things that I don’t even remember. Such a blur of delicious flavor.

The menu descriptions for these food art creations are actually worth sharing, so here they are:

Poached Korean pear, yakgwa, cinnamon chantilly, ginger ice cream, pear sorbet

Green tea biscuit, candied black sesame, green tea ice cream

NYC in a nutshell: I spent too much, ate too much, and didn’t sleep enough. That’s New York living for ya!


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