Weekend Getaway: Sunny Los Angeles

Even with 80-degree weather in January, Los Angeles remains a place I don’t want to live. But it’s an easy weekend getaway: San Francisco to Los Angeles is a relatively painless trip, only 50 minutes by plane. And more often than not there are Jet Blue or Virgin America flights for $60 one way.

Santa Monica Beach / Pier:

There really is something incredibly surreal about being on the beach, plasticky-perfect people running around and working out. I guess this really does happen.

Followed by a hike with J up to the Griffiths Observatory, with views of the Hollywood sign, downtown LA and the ocean.

The hike was great, but not nearly strenuous enough to excuse what I ate this weekend:

Black sesame shaved ice with lychee at Blockheads on Sawtelle. So much deliciousness for $4.

Chicken chop salad at True Food Kitchen, a very lifestyle-friendly restaurant in Santa Monica. (Read: they are very sensitive to dietary restrictions. And there are lots of babies and pregnant ladies.)

Clearly, I have to work on improving my food photography now that I’m not using the automatic macro settings on my point-and-shoot, so I apologize that my photography does not do justice to Umami. Mouth-wateringly flavorful Truffle Burger.

Manly Fries: crisp fries drowned in cheese, fatty chunks of bacon and I think onion crisps? I don’t even know. But it was so good.

Umami Burger. Not my fave, actually. Lots of flavors in combination (which I believe is what the “umami” taste is supposed to be about), but I preferred the savory simplicity of the Truffle Burger.

Ice cream sandwich. I chose mint chocolate chip ice cream flavor to refresh my oil-doused palate. So what if it’s sandwiched by double-chocolate chip cookies?


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