Only in San Francisco

Well, that didn’t take very long did it? I’ve already imbibed SF-style living. I sit on an exercise ball at work, dutifully sort compost from recyclable from waste, live in a mixed-gender apartment (it’s all about ‘balance’) and carry around a self-folding reusable bag at all times.

San Francisco stereotypes, acknowledged. But this weekend was even more #OnlyinSF than usual.

To start, A and I went to a party hosted at Haus of Hipstamatic, a three-story startup-quirky workspace with exposed brick, a taxidermy wall and a roofdeck with a fire pit and bar… all of which is normally occupied by only six people!


We had a sleepover Friday night, and on Saturday morning went for a morning run through Golden Gate Park out to Ocean Beach. That’s right. The Pacific Ocean is a mere 4-mile run away–and the scenery is gorgeous the whole way.

On our way home, we bought some fresh berries and made a brunch consisting of French toast, homefries with bacon and soft-ripened avocado.

Saturday evening, I went bhangra dancing, which is not necessarily a San Francisco-specific activity–but what happened as we left the club was! We had stopped by a water station on our way out, and the bouncer asked us not to leave with the clear cups in our hands. He said it might look like we were carrying drinks out of the club and into the neighborhood, so could we please finish our water before leaving.

“Just being good to the neighborhood,” he said, as he waited for us to empty and give him our cups. Which, I’m sure, he recycled.


Even today’s church experience was characteristically only-in-SF. Not to mention the church’s name–Reality–and that fact that this month we’re having “slow church” services. But the icing on the cake? Service was followed, as a matter of course, by food trucks in the parking lot. I got pork and chicken buns from Chairman Bao–nomtastic, as J would say.

Gotta say, San Francisco living is good. If these are the SF stereotypes, I embrace them all!


One thought on “Only in San Francisco

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    Drop me a line if you’re interested in more info.
    Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!

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