Golden Gate Park

I am thankful for so many things now that my housing situation is settled. First, to have a place at all after 14 weeks of couchsurfing is happiness, complete.

But add to that the fact that I have furniture (a bed at last!), a kitchen that demands to be cooked in and fun housemates to share a meal with. Plus, we’re in an amazing location, a mere block away from Golden Gate Park. My cup runneth over!

The past few times I’ve gone for runs through the park, I felt like I could just go on and on. So today, I kept going as far as my legs wanted to take me, and I stumbled upon Strawberry Hill, which is surrounded by Stow Lake and accessible by charming bridges.

I trekked my way up for the slightest glimpse of the sunset over the Pacific through the trees. Gorgeous! I’m totally doing this route again, even if it did take an hour.

(Hey, I may have said I was a runner, but I never said I was fast.)


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