The London Review Cake Shop

I have a confession.

To start, let me explain that a primary reason I enjoy blogging is because I am a maven, according to The Tipping Point‘s classification. Which is not to say that I’m an expert in any particular field, but more that I dash about like an eager little squirrel looking for the choicest bits of information on what to see, or where to get tomorrow’s meal. And I love to share those acorns with anyone who’s interested.

London Review Cake Shop

But I’ve been a furtive, selfish squirrel when it comes to the London Review Cake Shop, my absolute favorite cafe in London. I didn’t even take proper photos of it because I fully intended to not share this information.

Why? you may ask.

London Review Cake Shop

Because it is small. And so special. And the masses should not come to crowd its five tables or drain its supply of fluffy baked goods and delightful teas.

Because I spent so many afternoons there with a pot of tea to help me conquer a stack of reading, or to make catching up with a friend the more cozy.

Because they never rush you out, no matter how long you’ve been there or how long others may wait.

Because it’s attached to a bookshop!

Because it was my special place, with an intangible ambience that made it mine to many, yet entirely mine.

Because it is London’s best kept secret–and now you, too, are bound to secrecy!

{ For better photos and a lovely review, see Mondomulia’s post }


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