Happy Holidays from the Haight

Californian Christmas Eve

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from the Haight! Around here, the famed center of the Summer of Love, happy holidays is the better thing to say, but I’m jamming to my Christmas tunes as I write this, so I hope you don’t mind. I have to say, I miss Europe all the time, but especially so around the holidays. The lights along Oxford street, the carol service at St. Paul’s, mulled wine everywhere you go, the Christmas markets. Sighs!

That being said, I am not at all averse to a sunny California Christmas either! When, after quite a prolonged rainy period, I woke up bright and early this morning to gorgeous sunshine, I was itching to go on a photowalk through my new neighborhood! Especially because my Christmas present, which arrived last week, is my uber-Christmas-wish fulfilled, a Canon EOS Rebel T3. Not the fanciest of dSLRs, but I want to learn to use it before investing in a super shiny lens. I couldn’t quite wait til Christmas to open it, but at least I took it out for its inaugural spin on Christmas Eve, right?

Ashbury Haight

I’d been up and down Haight Street on the bus before, but little did I expect it to be quite so busy on Christmas Eve. Every vintage and thrift shop was open, probably for all those last-minute gifts you have yet to buy, or a little treat yo’self kind of Christmas.

Haight storefronts Vintage clothing
The Haight

Jammin in the Haight

Tie die’s not so much my thing, but these eclectic stores definitely have something for everyone!


Ah… like I said.


And lots of graffiti/mural art.

The Haight

The Red Victorian

Victorian houses

A colorful row of Victorians.

Grateful Dead house

One of these is the Grateful Dead house; I think the one on the right. But both are very pretty.

Ben & Jerry's Peace

Peace on earth… goodwill to men :)

Haight house

The lesson learned from my photowalk is that using automatic settings totally misses the point of having a dSLR, and I really have to re-learn the manual settings. So I came home and started experimenting with aperture settings and F-stops. It’s been (gasp!) more than SEVEN years since I took a photography class in college, and I am basically a n00b at this all over again. So much to learn, and so excited!


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