The Men Here Sure Are Chatty

Since I’ve moved to the Bay area, I’ve found that people are much more chatty. From the cashiers (or do they call them “Mates”?) at Trader Joe’s to the most helpful bus drivers who actually stop the bus to give you better directions, I’ve never struck up so many conversations with strangers in my life. (Remember the spies?)

Hey, at least it’s a step up from the NYC construction-worker-catcall right?

Often, these encounters are one-sided. 

Let’s start with the guys at Trader Joe’s. I can’t get through that store without a conversation! Like this one:

Him: What are you ladies up to?
Us: …
Him: How are you?
Us: Good, you?
Him: What are you doing tonight?

Or at AT&T Park / Giants Stadium, attending the free SF Opera screening. Near the food stands, a dude walking in my direction tries to make eye contact with me. I ignore him. As we pass each other:

Him: “I like your toes.”

Others are surprisingly sweet.

If a guy has been following and keeping step with you for five long blocks in New York City, he’s up to no good. But the other day as I was walking home at night:

Him: Are you following me?
Me: No, are you following me?
Him: Well I had to say something because we’ve been walking this whole time! God works in mysterious ways, yes He does. Where are you coming from?
Me: Had a meeting in the city. You?
Him: I was volunteering with the youth, something I do once a week, but I also work in security at the psychiatric ward. I’ll be your bodyguard. ‘You wanna get to her? You gotta go through me.’
Me: Haha, thanks.
Him: I’m John.
Me: I’m Jenn. I’m turning here.
Him: Alright, you have a beautiful night, Jenn.

Others just holler to make sure you don’t get them in the eyes with pepper spray.

As I’m walking home from Whole Foods, I hear a pair of smackity flip-flops approaching from behind. As if the flip-flops weren’t a giveaway:

Him: I’m just passing you, not going to hurt you.
Me: Dude, I’m cool. No worries.
Him: You seem cool.
Me: …
Him: You just never know, some people freak out. Good night!


11 thoughts on “The Men Here Sure Are Chatty

  1. Nice to know San Franciscans have the common decency to tell you they aren’t going to hurt you! It is a nice change from New York where everybody thinks everybody is out to get them and can’t be bothered to make conversation!

  2. Ugh! Forgive me if i sound like the rude Bostonian i am but chattiness among strangers and in stores with the employees DRIVES ME UP THE WALL!
    A. I don’t know you
    B. I don’t want to know you
    C. You arent my friend
    D. I want to get in and OUT of this store not chat.
    The over friendliness of the Floridians is something i’ll never get used to!!!

    1. Haha~ That is definitely my mindset when I’m on the East coast too! But people out here are so chilled out that I’m trying to match their pace / vibe :)

    1. Yup, no joke. I was wearing open-toed shoes, and so my bright nail polish color was peeping through. I’m assuming that’s what he was referring to.

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