Strawberry-Boysenberry Sorbet and Earl Grey Cherry. Oh my.

From my time in New York, I’ve developed an allergic reaction to hype. There are two camps: those who believe that waiting in line for an hour makes it all worth it, and those who know that it really doesn’t make the food taste better… you were just hungrier because you waited an hour.

So I wasn’t that enthused about trying Ici, where the line extends down the block for two or more storefront lengths. That is the opposite of exciting.

But then! People scouted it first and came back with the report that it is really worth the wait. So it had to be tried.

The best part is, we didn’t even have to wait because we went on a weekday at 4.30. And I think I can honestly say, it might be the best ice cream I’ve tried yet. Truly original flavors, excellent texture, a home-made hand-rolled sugar cone. Perfection for $4.75.

So glad that V got to try this while in town!

On Sunday, I met (another) V at MyMy Coffee Shop in Nob Hill, where he goes so regularly that the staff know his order. If he’s that devoted to his “usual,” I figured I should try it too. The Frisco omelette. Oh yum. Yum yum yum.

And just look at that enticing, luscious avocado. Yum.

So many friends in town for weddings this week! October is certainly a nice time of year in California, but it’s really amazing how many weddings there have been, even just last weekend alone.

So I brought R and J to HRD, an inconspicuous deli-looking joint in SOMA. They were skeptical, they later admitted. But then we were served food that looked as amazing as above, smelled even better and tasted divine. For $8.

Hallo, another NYC friend in town! P and I caught up over ginormous bowls of ramen at Katana-ya near Powell. There is fried chicken and fried dumplings in my soup. It was a tad too salty, but that fried goodness made it savory-smooth. Pretty good, and very generous portion size. But SF has yet to unseat NYC in the ramen category.


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