Hiking in Heels

First, a bit of news! After a year of blogging for fun, I’m now blogging for, well, even more fun!

My first assignment as a contributing writer for Untapped Cities was to visit Angel Island, the largest in the San Francisco Bay. The piece will be up on the site on Thursday, so I’ll hold off on describing Angel Island itself. But for now, a few pictures from the trip.

San Francisco gleaming from hilltops.
Bay Bridge

I started getting nervous as we approached Angel Island because it looked positively wild, uninhabited–and very hilly.

Nothing wrong with any of those things, but because we were going to the island to attend a ceremony, I hadn’t realized there would be hiking involved. I wore high-heeled sandals.

I felt like SUCH a city slicker. Especially considering that everyone else on the ferry had trainers on. It seems I’ve been too Europified. (The only people ever caught wearing trainers in Europe are Americans.)

On normal days, I love hiking. I love nature trails. And Angel Island is absolutely fabulous for hiking around–gorgeous views of the Bay, the smell of eucalyptus in the air.

But when the staff at the event info table told me there was a mile-long hike involving 150 stairs, my heart sank.


Word to the wise, if you’re ever headed to Angel Island, don’t wear heels. That’s all.


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