California Strawberries and Sunshine

Hey, even if the sun doesn’t stick around for long, at least it was out to greet me on my first day in San Francisco!

That being said, I shouldn’t get too excited about the weather yet, because it seems I move to famously foggy places at precisely the time when there’s a bright burst of sunshine. When I moved to London last September, I was pleasantly surprised by clear blue skies and a “heat wave” that raised the temperature to a perfect 70-80 degree range. That all came crashing down when it was rainy and cold right through the end of July. Sadface.

Similarly, my first day in SF was absolutely gorgeous. Even the Embarcadero, where people tell me the fog usually sticks, was sitting pretty in the sunshine.

In and around the Ferry Building:

Gourmet shops and restaurants are housed inside the Ferry Building; outside, there’s a farmer’s market several times a week.

The people who run the stands grow absolutely the most delicious fruit I’ve ever had. My first-ever taste of California strawberries was perfection.


3 thoughts on “California Strawberries and Sunshine

  1. You’re moving to SF? What for? I am so jealous, you have no idea. I visited the SF Bay Area six years ago with my family and I have been dying to go back. There is a possibility I may go to grad school in Monterrey. I love that area of Cali.

    1. Haha, you called me out on it–omitting the background there was intentional. I’ll explain what I’m doing and why I’m here in the next post :) I also need to rebrand the website, as I won’t be weekending in Europe anymore… sadface. But yeah, it’s gorgeous out here! I’m excited to be here. Stay tuned, more coming soon :D

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