Travel Like a Rock Star

A NYT article, “A Battle Plan for Jetlag,” promises to distill NASA-developed techniques for us earth-dwelling travelers to fight jet lag. It sounded cool. But then I read it, and these are the takeaways I got from it:

  1. Well, at least that explains the indigestion.
  2. Wear sunglasses at certain times when traveling in certain directions.
  3. And when you do, you’ll feel really cool. “People will think you’re a rock star.”

… Or rather, you think they think you’re a rock star.

I know because I’ve tried this on New York subways. Whenever I see people wearing sunglasses on the subway, I think they must have (a) puffy crying-eyes, (b) a black eye or (c) an inflated ego.

But then I tried it one time, and it was a pretty awesome feeling. Especially living in New York, where the crowds crush in on you at all times, a pair of sunglasses on the subway is a screen between you and everyone else. It’s liberating. You can see them; they can’t see you. Or so you think; they’re actually staring at you because they think you look stupid wearing sunglasses on the subway.

But hey! That’s the point exactly. With the sunglasses on, you don’t care what they think. For all they know, you’re a rock star.


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