A Sunny Goodbye to Switzerland

By our last morning in Switzerland, the clouds had cleared out of our valley, and we woke up to this view from our hotel balcony.

And some more of those beautiful views at breakfast.

We took a quick hike to the nearby Staubbach falls, up a hill near the base of the waterfall.

The town of Lauterbrunnen.

Such a gorgeous place; really wish we’d had at least one more day to spend here, especially with the weather like this!

At the train station, I found this:

Cannabis Iced Tea: Fantastic Natural Feeling!

I confess I was tempted to try it, but refrained. Next time.

The last sightseeing experience of our trip was to take the panoramic Golden Pass line, which has huge windows up to the ceiling of the train car.

A quick tip: One of the things that surprised me about Switzerland was that it never felt crowded. Granted, I’m coming from New York and London so my reference point might be different from the norm, but I’m used to full train cars and crowded sidewalks and waiting in line for things anywhere you go, and that never seemed to be the case in Switzerland. The one crowded tourist spot was the Jungfraujoch. 

But I say all this to point out that for the panoramic train lines, including the Golden Pass, guidebooks advise that you reserve seats in advance (for which you have to pay a small fee). Not wanting to take the risk of standing the whole way, I reserved seats for each leg of our journey. But once we got on the trains, it seemed like an unnecessary step, as there were plenty of empty seats. 

We passed south from Interlaken and back into French Switzerland, traveling west toward Lake Geneva. Craggy mountains, rolling green hills and pastures, and cows! I expected to see cows everywhere in Switzerland, but I only caught my first few glimpses along this train ride.

The Golden Pass line terminates at Montreux, which by now felt like a familiar sight to us. From there, we traveled another three hours to Geneva to catch our evening flight.


But first! I couldn’t leave Switzerland without having fondue. A, who grew up nearby, recommended Cafe du Soleil in Geneva, so I got a pot of melted cheese. And I ate it all. When I was about halfway through, I remembered A’s warning that if you drink water while eating large quantities of cheese, the melty cheese congeals into a ball in your stomach. Eww. So I stopped drinking water and ordered a fizzy soda, and finished my fondue without any congealed-cheese-stomachaches.

And with that, my Swiss experience was still nearly not complete! With our packed itinerary, we had little time left for just roaming the mountain trails, which just seems like a gaping hole in the overall experience. But you know what that means! I’ll just have to come back someday. Hopefully soon.


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