A Leisurely Walk in Luzern

One more city stop, and we’re on our way to the glorious Berner Oberland region! Mom and I used the Lake Geneva area as a home base for several daytrips that took about 2 hours each way, giving us about a full day in each city.

Luzern, however, was more than three hours away. So after our last night in the “Swiss Riviera,” we left early Saturday morning for a brief stopover in Luzern, leaving just enough time for a quick walk over the city’s 14th-century bridges and a coffee. From there, we’d go on to the Berner Oberland, which is the Switzerland of postcards: mountains, lakes, chalets. The anticipation builds!

But first, Luzern. I loved the Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge), first constructed in the 14th century. The bridge stands almost as a city gate, where the Reuss River meets Lake Luzern.

Mount Pilatus beyond the lake is a famous sight, but unfortunately not a common one because it’s often shrouded by cloud cover. The day of our visit was no exception; you’d barely know it existed!

The bridge is just charming, made of wood (parts of which were reconstructed after a fire), decorated with medieval paintings and lined with colorful flowers along its full length.

With several bridges criss-crossing the compact town, Luzern felt a lot like Salzburg‘s Old Town.

The paintings on these building facades were so elegant.

The 15th-century Mill Bridge, which still has original medieval paintings from the 17th century.

The Reuss River streaming past Muhlenplatz.

After drinking the most expensive cup of coffee I’ve ever had, we caught the Golden Pass Line from Luzern to Interlaken Ost.

(You may have noticed by now that food hasn’t been particularly prominent in my Swiss trip thus far. That’s because we had rented a flat, so we bought groceries to pack picnic lunches and made dinners at home. This saved us quite a lot of money the first leg of our trip, as eating out in Switzerland racks up a hefty bill! I’ve blocked out of memory how much our Luzern lattes cost, but I remember suffering from severe sticker shock and breathing a huge sigh of relief that we’d been spared other dining expenses.)

Our arrival to Switzerland had been sunny and clear, but the clouds rolled in as we headed to the mountains. So most of our train ride to Interlaken was misty and mysterious. I didn’t mind too much–given that the forecast predicted better weather within 48 hours–as it heightened the sense of anticipation of what awaited us in the Alpine region of the Berner Oberland!

Along the way, we passed by the Lungernsee Reservoir. Love the beautiful turquoise water against the verdant grass!

We would be spending the next two nights in Lauterbrunnen, a small town further into the mountains from Interlaken, where mountain slopes meet a deep valley and waterfalls cascade down the cliffs one after another after another.

The view from our hotel in the early evening. Only a few minutes’ walk away is the Staubbach waterfall, which you can see through the window here.

But this is really just a teaser–the mist is hiding gorgeous mountaintops and glaciers surrounding this valley. Stay tuned for the subsequent posts on our stay in Lauterbrunnen, as it was by far the highlight of the trip! I’ve been on the road for several weeks now so writing up this trip has been a bit of a slower process, but I’m doing my best to get up to speed!


3 thoughts on “A Leisurely Walk in Luzern

  1. Didn’t have time to read this last night so I came looking for you this morning and am so glad I did! An exquisite post. I would love to visit this iconic bridge.
    I have only briefly been in Switzerland (Lugano on a day trip from Como) and would love to see more. Obviously not a cheap place but picnicing would certainly help, and the important thing for me is always to see the place, rather than the food. Thanks for the tour.

    1. My pleasure; thanks for reading and commenting! Switzerland is definitely a pricier trip, but they’re certainly warranted in charging that premium. Everything there is so gorgeous. I hope you get to spend some more time there someday! Read the next post on the Berner Oberland–and spend most of your time there, for sure!! If I were to re-do my Swiss trip I’d spend at least three, maybe even four, nights there.

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