Missing London… and the Olympics

Crazy as it sounds, I moved back to the U.S. the day before the Olympic opening ceremonies.


  • Avoid the crushing crowds
  • No AC on the London Underground + crowds of tourists in summer = sauna
  • Endless Olympic coverage makes me feel like I’m still there
  • Staying longer means spending more money–speaking of which, I need a job.
  • My mom came to London and helped me move back–no way I could have done it alone!
  • I do have to say, the one thing about America I missed more than anything else is clean water. After just one day and one shower here, I already feel so much fresher than I ever did in Europe. European water is kind of grimy on the whole.


  • I MISS LONDON INCREDIBLY. I’m not ready to be back yet.
  • I’M MISSING THE OLYMPICS. I wonder if I’ll ever again be living in a host city in an Olympic year?

A hilarious conversation I had with my brother tonight, when the British national anthem played during the ceremony:

Bro: What! This is so anti-American! Why did they change the words to our song?
Me: It was originally the British anthem–we took it and changed their words.
Bro: You mean this is what they play when the British win gold medals?
Me: Yeah!
Bro: Well, I wouldn’t know. Brits don’t win gold medals.

Harsh, bro. Harsh.


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