The British 10K Blog Challenge

I ran the British 10K this weekend! It was my first-ever race, as well as the first time I’ve actually run 10K at all. Had I trained harder, I might have run faster, but I accomplished my goal of running the whole way, no matter how slow, and I’m proud of myself for that. I’m especially proud that after being passed by gazillions of people for the first 6-7km, my slow-and-steady pace started overtaking people in the last two kilometres. Once I saw the finish line, I broke into a crazy sprint that came from I don’t know where, and I blazed past people who had spent most of their energy in the earlier part of the race.

All told, I was slooooow, but I finished well. And I’m already excited to do better next time!

The Blog Challenge

I signed up for the British 10K with four friends, and we ran for a charity, the MS Trust. We’re still working towards our collective fundraising goal of £500 to support research and care for multiple sclerosis.

As you know if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I’m pretty private about personal info. But in this case I’m willing to sacrifice some privacy to support a worthy cause! If I can raise £80 (approx $125) through this blog, perhaps I’ll even post my race photo, no matter how crazy I look in it ;)

Details: I’ve set up a PayPal account under convergentjourney at gmail dot com. For any donation I receive through PayPal, I’ll convert it into pounds on the market exchange rate for that day and donate it directly. You’ll see the donation go through as “Anonymous” on my fundraising page, and if you’d like I can add your name in the notes. You can also donate directly through the fundraising page, though I think (depending on where you are in the world) you might get slapped with international transaction charges.

Below, more details about the race weekend!

A Nike-fied Weekend

On Saturday, S won a ticket +1 to the NTC Live Festival, which was basically a rewards day for all the women who’ve powered through Nike Training Club sessions. There were workout and yoga sessions, massage, physiotherapy, manicures and lots more. Since S and I would both be running the British 10K (also sponsored by Nike) the next day, we took it easy on the training sessions and just focused on treating ourselves to the good stuff.

Photo: Nike Training Club

Nike really spared no expense. For one, NTC workout sessions are free–you just have to sign up on the Facebook page for info. The workouts are incredibly intense, and the massage and physiotherapist teams they hired for the day were amazing. I’ve had a fair number of physiotherapy treatments and massages because I have had neck and shoulder problems for a long time, and I can tell you that these guys were seriously amazing. It was an oasis of relaxation and pampering.

Free t-shirts, free massage, free goodie bags. I still can’t wear Nike shoes because they run too narrow for me, but I certainly have become a walking billboard with all the Nike gear I’ve got now.


For NTC Live, Nike rented out a gorgeous building situated right on the Thames, opposite the recently-opened Shard.

Also nearby was the Monument by Christopher Wren, which commemorates the Great Fire of London in 1666. Although back in the late 1600s the monument was probably a beacon you could see from miles around, it’s now eclipsed by the taller buildings of the City surrounding–you’d barely notice it!

Race Day

Photo: Nike

The British 10K was also dominated by Nike marketing. They gave out nifty dri-fit T-shirts–resulting in amazing promo material, an army of Nike-fied runners.

Still, I absolutely loved it.

The day was cold and rainy (is it ever anything else in London??), but it was thrilling to be running with 25,000 other people through the beautiful streets of London. The race took us along all the central London sights–Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s, the Embankment, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben.

What an exhilarating weekend! I can see why running is such an addictive hobby for so many people. The endorphins kicking in, the medal around your neck, the camaraderie with your running mates. Hugs and high fives all around!


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