The Student-Friendly City

I meant to write a post on this quite a while ago, because immediately upon arriving in London I was struck by how many places offer student discounts of 5-10%. Stationery supply stores, electronic stores, restaurants, tourist attractions, public transportation, shoe and clothing stores.

A lot of places don’t necessarily advertise it, but if you ask and flash your student ID, you can save yourself a few quid. I started asking everywhere I went, since it seemed like at least 1/3 of establishments offered student discounts.

Now that it’s sale season and I’m done with exams (possibly forever) I went shopping and was once again amazed. Topshop, a leading brand in the UK, offers a 10% student discount. A coffee shop that I’d frequented all year offers a student discount (drat! can I get that money back?).

There’s also a student rail card that I’m not eligible for (I’m too old!), but when a friend and I planned a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, with her railcard she was able to get a ticket for £5.95!!

Not much more to say on this topic except that I LOVE IT. If you’re studying abroad in the UK, be sure to max out your student status and get those discounts!


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