Tealy Green with Envy

I’m not usually much of a royals chaser, but what with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics coming up, they sure seem to be everywhere, and looking glam while they’re at it! Nor am I much of a fashionista, but I had to post this (with a shoutout to Mushy Cloud). Because I love everything about this dress.

Kicking off the final Olympic countdown, in Jenny Packham:

Photos from the Daily Mail

The look, the color, the hair, the everything. The Kate.

Where do I get this dress? And who’s gonna pay for it, hmm?


10 thoughts on “Tealy Green with Envy

    1. Absolutely. It would be fun to catch a glimpse of them sometime. I’ve only had one celeb sighting in London so far, but you never know!

    1. Though I do wonder sometimes if it gets old, looking pretty as a profession. I guess it could, but maybe not for a long time ^^

  1. I freaked out when I saw this dress–I follow a Kate Middleton fashion blog and she always wears her hair down and plays with it. This is the first time she has looked so confident and regal in a dress!

  2. It is a beautiful dress… but she is one of those people all women hate… beautiful, thin, great style. I am certainly tealy green with envy too!
    If you were in China you could take the photo to the market and get it made. They are master copiers! I have brought fav pants, tops, photos of styles I like and they make it tailored to suit you for cheap. I am not sure how I am going to get my warndrobe back home… but it is starting to look great!

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