The Worst Conversation Ever Overheard

While studying at a cafe today.

I had my headphones on and music blasting, oblivious to my surroundings. Once I began packing my things and turned the music off, this was my neighbors’ conversation:

Girl: What about Scandinavia? [Laughs like a hyena.]
Boy: But Scandinavia isn’t a dangerous place! It’s like all those New York hipsters who say ‘America is a free country.’
Girl: I can kind of see what you mean.
Boy: If they want to outlaw guns in a state like New York, I’m not against that. But in places like Louisiana and Mississippi—you know, I’m from the South. And those places are dangerous. You need a gun!

This conversation is so wrong on so many levels. It’s not funny, not accurate and downright nonsensical. When people are flirting, they can find the most idiotic drivel interesting, eh?


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