Dutch Breakfast with a Twist

Broodje hagelslag is a slice of bread slathered in butter and covered with chocolate sprinkles. But these aren’t just the plasticky chocolate sprinkles you eat on a cupcake. This is pure, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate.

You only live once, right? So for breakfast this morning I figured, why use butter when I can use Nutella to stick those sprinkles to my bread?

Step 1. Get a slice of bread. Maybe wheat bread if you want a few healthy points ;)
Step 2. Slather on a thin-to-generous layer of Nutella, as desired.
Step 3. Gather the chocolate in your hand and sprinkle a layer over the Nutella.

Step 4. Chomp chomp chomp. Yummmm. :]


10 thoughts on “Dutch Breakfast with a Twist

    1. Haha I agree! Hagelslag. It either sounds like it could be a forest-dwelling animal, or.. chocolate sprinkles on toast. :)

  1. hmm, funny
    I just started to follow your blog
    with no other interest than that I like your photo’s
    and I like east Africa (but traveled more around west Afrika)
    een broodje hagelslag is my dutch childhood (born in Suriname)
    although I never tried it with nutella (naughty)
    Flashback flashbacks
    enjoy your breakfast
    I’m on a visit in Holland and heading for the supermarket right now to get some hagelslag
    all you fault!!!

      1. Haha not to worry. I was a bit confused by your first comment, but thanks for clarifying!

  2. mehn….please pack some fr me either fr 2moro evenin or saturday monin at the bazaar! yaaay!! cant wait to eat it

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