A Floral Smorgasbord at the Keukenhof

I took nearly 400 photos at the gardens, and I’ve managed to pare that down to about 40 photos to post here. Whew!

Two quick tips on getting there: 

  • Depending on the timing of your flight, it might make sense to go straight to the Keukenhof from Schiphol airport. To get to the Keukenhof from Amsterdam, you have to go to Schiphol airport and catch the shuttle from there. In retrospect, I realized that since I arrived at 10.30am on the first day of my trip, it might have made sense to chuck my stuff in a locker at the airport and go straight to the garden. Schiphol isn’t far from Centraal, but roundtrip fare costs €8.10, and it seemed silly that on a three-day trip I passed through the airport four times! So it might be economical in terms of time and money to plan an arrival or departure time that incorporates a trip to the garden, if you’re planning to go during your stay in Amsterdam.
  • Also, the Keukenhof website offers a combination ticket that includes entry to the garden and roundtrip shuttle service for €21, which is what I did.

I would have tried harder to remember the names of the flowers, but the signage was confusing—it seemed like the flowers had three names each! So with few exceptions, there’s not much narrative to add, just eye candy to enjoy!

I liked the name, “white magic,” for these flowers. The small sprigs wound mystically around the tree like fairy dust. A very evocative display of the flower and its name!


Such vivid colors!


Here, I really felt like I was standing in the middle of a vast tulip field. In a manner of speaking, I kind of was. Haha.

But of course—it wouldn’t be the Netherlands without a windmill! You can go inside the windmill and look out from the deck to the nearby tulip fields.

Seeing the tulip fields in person is a wish come true :)

The sun only peeked out every so often, but it makes such a difference for the photos. The sunlight brings out all the colors and contours, so whenever the sun came out I scrambled to take as many photos as I could.



There’s no doubt that it takes a lot of hard work to make these gardens so amazing. The proof is in the pudding!


I love these peach-colored flowers!! I think they might have been my favorite, certainly for color if not for shape.

Do you have a fave? Let me know in the comments!


20 thoughts on “A Floral Smorgasbord at the Keukenhof

      1. Ah, shame! Wish I’d known about it, totally would have gone. Looking forward to seeing your photos from Floriade!


    Yes maybe the peach colour might be my favourite too, especially when it’s against the spring green colour of the leaves in the picture 4th from the Windmill pic. (Counting windmill pic as #1) –TY

    1. Love the new nickname! The picture you mention is also one of my faves because it was one of the precious few moments when the SUN came out!!

  2. Oh ya, forgot I logged in as that, haha! Had a blog about 6 years ago and that was nickname friend gave me which I used for that : )

  3. these are some of the most beautiful flower photos i have ever seen!!! i think you should make these into prints and sell them they are that amazing!. this is a beauty rarely captured and i would have given anything to have had the opportunity to photograph flowers like this-and i am a professional photographer! you need to sell these prints here or on esty.com !!!! just beautiful so amazing!!!

    1. Aww thank you, that’s such encouraging feedback! I definitely felt like I didn’t really do the flowers justice–as you say, I was just lucky to be in such a perfect place for taking photos :)

      1. well i think these photos are gorgeous and I am kicking myself i didnt hope on the plane to take photos of them! but they are such colorful and well composed photos i think if you had some nice size prints made such as , meaning something bigger than an 8″x10″ print, maybe 11″x14″ you could sell them because they look like paintings! think about it!!!have a great day;-)

  4. hey! andy and i went there on friday! we just missed each other! it was really beautiful! glad you got to partake in the beauty too!

    1. What!!!! No way! Aww that’s too bad, wish I’d known you guys were in town. Seriously. I think geotagging is creepy, but I see the value of it when it comes to things like this. Hope you had an amazing time!

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