Regent’s Park

On a sunny morning, T and I made plans to go to Regent’s Park on what turned into a really drab afternoon. But it was so lovely, despite the weather and the fact that the gardens aren’t quite in bloom yet.

People have often told me that Regent’s Park is their favorite, the prettiest of all London parks. It’s not far from where I live, but I only went for the first time this weekend. Truthfully, I think part of me held out because I live just steps from Hyde Park, and knew once I saw it for myself I’d have park envy. Park envy, confirmed! Regent’s Park is so beautiful and cemented my opinion that I’d take an English garden over a French one any day ;)

In fact, walking through this park made me think, for the first time in my life EVER, that gardening might be fun. The thought might actually have been developing gradually in my subconscious; I run through the Rose Garden in Hyde Park regularly, and I see someone working in the garden at least 1 of every 2 times. The care that goes into tending these gardens and making them glorious—I can appreciate that.

The natural landscaping and Japanese garden reminded me of Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York. I can’t wait until the flowers and trees and rose gardens are in full bloom! I think I’ll go once a week just to check on the status of things.

The drab drizzly weather made me a bit unambitious with my camera, but you can definitely expect more pictures from this beautiful park in the future!



11 thoughts on “Regent’s Park

  1. when I studied in london last semester, I was at regent’s college in regent’s park! I adored it, we had to walk through the park to get out into the city and it was fantastic!!

    only green park competed for favorite park in my book! ;)

    1. Aww I’m sure there must be nice parks near where you live too! “The grass is always greener,” they say, “until you water your own yard.” ;)

    1. Definitely. And we ain’t seen nothing yet! The rose garden hasn’t bloomed yet, and I can’t wait. T says the roses are so full and colorful when in bloom…

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