Quirky Easter in England

The UK gets Good Friday and Easter Monday off. Excuse me, Easter Monday, what? Never heard of it before.

But apparently it’s a thing here, and it makes for a nice long holiday weekend to have lots of random Easter celebrations.

Source: TNT Magazine

A few of the fun things that happen in London include the Big Egg Hunt, which starts as early as February! More than 200 giant eggs are hidden throughout the city, and I think there’s some sort of contest in which if you locate a certain number of them, you’re entered into a prize drawing for a fair chunk of change.

There are some really interesting designs, from artistic to quirky to 23.5-carat-gold-encrusted lavish. (It is branded the Faberge Big Egg Hunt, after all.) I’ve only seen one about town, but check out some of the designs in the Telegraph’s photo gallery here.

Yesterday, A and I were sitting outside the National Gallery overlooking Trafalgar Square, which was apparently the endpoint for the annual Easter Bunny Stroll. This is only one of several Easter weekend events sponsored by London Friday Night Skate, called the Easter Skate Eggstravaganza.



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