Milestones: Rediscovering My Inner Introvert

Speaking of stones, here's a famous one. Guess where it's from?

I’ve surpassed 15,000 views! That’s pretty crazy, and mostly due to my fifteen minutes of Freshly-Pressed fame. The fun part of that spike in traffic, though, is starting a conversation with those of you who’ve stuck around for the ride. Thanks so much for reading and following my blog!

Numbers aside, it’s been such a fun journey so far. And I don’t just mean the travel experiences themselves, but also the very fact that I’m writing regularly again. My life in New York was so hectic and packed with activity that I seldom took the time to take a step back and reflect on the day, read a book, listen to the radio, do something creatively engaging (other than watching TV, which definitely does not exercise the brain!).

I’m remembering how necessary it is to nurture my inner introvert. I could have chosen to live just as hectic a life here in London; there’s certainly no shortage of things to do and people to meet. But it’s actually been really nice to unplug a little. Of course, I’ve been fortunate to meet people here whose friendship I really value, but the key difference is that I don’t feel a need to always be out and about, seeing and being seen. After four years of hyperactive extroversion, it’s like I’m taking an extended introverted retreat.

… Or maybe it’s because I focus most of my energy on traveling, and I’m always so wiped out when I get back to London. Speaking of which, I’m Paris-bound today! Life is good.

I listened to this great, persuasive TED talk on why society doesn’t, but should, value introverts:

Fellow introverts, more power to you!

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4 thoughts on “Milestones: Rediscovering My Inner Introvert

    1. I know what you mean. I’m borderline and shuttle back and forth between the two, but for years I felt the need / pressure to suppress my introverted side. I’ve experienced the negativity you mention in subtle ways, and I think I only recognize it now!

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