Para Clocks: A Timeless Timepiece

Para Clocks is a new project to create custom-designed parametric wall clocks. I love these because:

a) They remind me of the beautiful geometric designs you see in Gothic architecture all across Europe. One of the first that comes to mind is the famous Rose Window in the Notre Dame. I find symmetry and geometry so pleasing to the eye, and the parametric designs of these clocks do a great job of capturing classic beauty using modern techniques.

Photo, right: © Gérard Boullay

b) My friends are the creative minds behind it. They’re not paying me to do this promo, but naturally I’m happy to support their work!

And of course, c) The clocks are lovely in and of themselves. Below are a few ready-made Para Clocks designs:

The way the Kickstarter process works, backers make a pledge to support the project. The funding is only paid out if the funding goal is met by the deadline, using crowdsourcing to ensure that enough capital is available to kickstart the project. And Para Clocks is offering to give backers free clocks of different sizes and designs with any pledge above $35.

Click here to find out more about Para Clocks, then back their creative project and get yourself a classy, timeless timepiece!


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