Munich & Salzburg (Yep, Again!)

It’s official: I am a travel junkie. My friend J was in Munich for work and asked me if I wanted to travel with him and R in Munich/Salzburg/Vienna. The answer was of course yes, but the reality of exams and budget constraints, and the fact that I’d just gotten back from Spain three days prior, and just gone to Salzburg and Vienna a month ago…

Haha, whatevs! As several friends advised, when will I ever have the opportunity to travel like this again? So I bought myself a ticket and off I went!

To catch my flight, I had to wake up at 2am for a quick shower. Because the Tube doesn’t run overnight and night buses can be unreliable, I was at the bus station by 3am for my 6am flight out of Gatwick. Yipes!

That got me to Munich in time for a few hours of sightseeing before hitting the road with J and R. I went first to Marienplatz and walked around the city center, dropping by the Frauenkirche, which has a simpler interior than most Gothic churches. I loved the simplicity of the decorations and the breathable space—the flower decorations were especially lovely.

I then headed to Viktualienmarkt for Bavarian breakfast, which includes Weisswurst, a pretzel and light beer. I didn’t get the Weisswurst, but I did buy items a la carte, ending up with a very filling breakfast of bratwurst with mustard, pretzel, pickle and cheese. I didn’t think I could handle beer at 10am, but I was very impressed with beer-loving Bavarian culture. Notice the gentleman holding a pint with two fingers in the photo above. People can easily carry two pints in one fist—quadruple-fisting!! Amazing. The locals here seriously look like they were born carrying huge beer glasses like it’s nothing.

Notice also the ginormous litre-sized beer on the table nearby. Not pictured is the leiderhosen-clad man who had just walked off to get his second litre! And that’s only in the time span that I was sitting there—who knows how many he drank before or after. No wonder this city hosts Oktoberfest!

*Word to the wise: Oktoberfest happens in late September through early October. Many a tourist has gone to Munich in mid-October and missed out on the raucous party.

We rented a car in Munich and drove to Salzburg, arriving after the attractions had closed. It felt so surreal to be back there just a month since my last visit!

We walked along the Salzach River and in Alstadt, the old city center. The Hohensalzburg kept watch from above, while a creepy sculpture-man watched right back.

In my last posts on Salzburg and Europe bests so far, I recommended the restaurant Die Weisse, saying that if you go to Salzburg you MUST go here for the oven fresh roasted pork with potato dumpling. Naturally, I had to take my own advice! So back we went. And yes, it was worth it.

Come back for more updates on the picturesque lakes and mountains of the Salzkammergut, then Vienna again and biking along the Danube!


10 thoughts on “Munich & Salzburg (Yep, Again!)

      1. It’s pork, so it doesn’t turn as dark as steak when fully cooked–it’s actually not raw at all!

    1. Ooh, what’s the other fave spot? Unfortunately, I totally missed that! We did see Easter crafts markets in Vienna, but we were in Salzburg so briefly that we didn’t have as much time to see the sights. The shops were mostly closed by then, too.

      1. Just think – you’ll probably be back in Salzburg soon and can see everything! I loved going to the top of the fortress and picnicing with their great yogurt and cheese in the middle of that view!

        My other favorite spot is definitely Venice. You’re just never finished with it! I went on a solo trip there and spend 5 days in the city and wanted five more. Being able to walk alone in those mysterious dark streets at the end of the evening, being perfectly safe, the incredible art, the history. And of course the bellinis.

  1. Two places I hope to travel to someday – my dad is working on finding out what area in Germany his ancestors came from – pretty neat to travel there one day too. Thanks for sharing – great pics!

    1. Excellent! Fingers crossed your ancestors are from Bavaria. The podcast I was listening to about Bavaria claims that it’s the most laidback and fun region of Germany. I’ve been to Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich so far, just a few days in each, but based on my experiences I’m inclined to agree!

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