Market Saturday: Portobello and Borough Markets

With F, S and J in town, last Saturday was my most touristy day in London yet. We started out at Portobello Market, had lunch in Borough Market, walked along Bankside and ended with tea at the Tate Modern Cafe.

How can there be so many tourists in London?! The crowds were crushingly overwhelming.

Still, Portobello and Borough Markets are unmissable experiences, so I’m glad I went. It was admittedly a lot of people to handle in one day—I can’t believe I used to work smack in the middle of Times Square! I’ve become far more of a hermit since then.

The thing that was amazing about Portobello Market is that the crowds never thin out. The market goes on for blocks and blocks of endless arrays of goods and produce, a lot of which start to repeat after a while. I don’t have any pictures from the market itself because there was just too much going on (and the crepe I bought was very messy). The photo above was taken at the point where the market starts. Beyond that point, I was over-stimulated by antique boxing gloves and chain watches and china sets and crepe stands and tourists speaking in all languages darting every which way….

Once we passed the antiques section, there were produce stands and food tents and the smells of various cuisines and sausages and smoothies and meats wafting enticingly. And it kept going after that! Jewelry and accessories and decorative things and flea market-y things, oh my!

It was really something to behold. The area is very cute and quaint during the week. On the weekends, it’s a madhouse!

J was hungry and nearly bought food at Portobello, but it was worth hanging on a bit longer—deliciousness awaited us at Borough Market! We went to Kappacasein, where the wraparound queue is long but moves quickly.

Ahhh it did not disappoint. The BEST grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had. A toasted cheese sandwich to change your life, truly.


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