Weekly Roundup No. 11

I can see the finish line. Or is it a mirage? Sleep deprivation?

I’ve been so overwhelmed with work lately that I’ve been having anxiety dreams about papers that aren’t due. And I’ve been so friendship-deprived that I’ve started talking to myself a lot… Yipes. I was really fortunate that A dropped out of the blue sky earlier this week. We had tea and “too-crumbly” scones at Bea’s of Bloomsbury. It was delicious. And restorative.

And, I’m almost there. New York in 6 days!!!!!

(No, I’m not moving back, just visiting. And eating. Lots of eating.)

Also, I’m thinking of retiring the weekly roundup format. I started it because I used to do more interesting things that I wanted to write about. Then I continued them because I wanted to be sure I posted at least once a week for my avid readership (hi, Mom and Dad!). But I do post at least once a week anyway, and “Weekly Roundup” is not very interesting as a title. Hopefully I’ll have time to do more interesting things again soon, and I won’t just litter the blog with latenight ramblings (sorry).

Besides which, I probably won’t have time to post next week while I’m in New York. So to tide you over til I’m back, here’s a preview of some bloggy bits I’ve got on the mind:

  • My New York eating tour. Oh yes. I’ve got it all planned out.
  • The weather: it’s both more and less interesting than you think.
  • Vienna & Salzburg in February!

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