Holiday Tube Service

Christmas is a big deal here. Everyone goes home, and since lots of people who live in London come from hometowns elsewhere in the UK, London becomes a bit of a ghost town. On Christmas Day, the tube doesn’t even run—the entire public transit system just shuts down. This year, we’re expecting a strike on Boxing Day (Dec 26th), so service might not even resume until Tuesday. That should be interesting.

Still, there are two upsides to this. First, I just found out that on New Year’s Eve, from 11.45pm until 4.30am the next morning, all travel by bus and tube is free! How fun! A little freebie way to ring in the New Year. This is extra special because normally, the tube stops running at half past midnight. Or half-twelve, as they say round here.

Secondly, I got to ride passenger seat in a wrongside car! I’ve been eager to hitch a ride because seeing a city you experience as a pedestrian from inside a car is really different. Especially if you’re crossing the Tower Bridge, driving on the left side of the street, sitting on the wrong side of the car! J picked me up to go to church in Brixton today, and on the way home I basically got a driving tour of the city because we started off in South London, dropped R off in East London, and then me in Northwest London.

Crossing Tower Bridge on the “wrong” side of the street, ack!
Tower of London
I think driving on the right side of the car would be manageable, but shifting gears with my left hand could be a hazard…

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