Weekly Roundup No. 4

Walking home last night I was about to be sad because I realized that this week, I hadn’t had a “delicious meal of the week,” but then…

1. Nothing Like a Homemade Cookie

S’s ginger snaps to the rescue!!! No, I didn’t eat cookies for dinner. But these homemade cookies were so delicious and holiday-ready, they made up for an otherwise lackluster culinary week. S was hosting a night of tea and cookies and Love Actually, which is even more fun to watch when you’re actually in London! We would yell out whenever we recognized places in scenes.

The best of the night: “Heathrow Airport! I’ve been there!” Hahahaha.

It was exactly the pick-me-up I needed on a rainy night!

2. Culture, Close-up, Is Getting Spit on

One night last weekend, I was sitting around with nothing to do and C suggested impromptu that we go see a play. For £20, we got front-row seats! No, like, literally, front-row. But this is not necessarily a good thing the way this production was staged. This was no orchestra seating. Instead, we were so close up that we literally got spit on by the actors!


We saw Death and the Maiden, starring Thandie Newton. I enjoyed the production and thought it was well-staged, and C and I debated the character psychology, ending and themes for a while afterward. I argued that there wasn’t enough narrative ambiguity (given that its premise is that you don’t know who’s in the right). But it was definitely thought-provoking and a fun evening. It was my first cultural event here in London, I am sad to admit! I did go to a Death Cab for Cutie concert a few weeks ago, but I consider that entertainment rather than culture.

3. Things to Look Forward to!

I can’t believe it’s December. About a month ago, a friend from SIPA told me she’d be coming for the GPPN conference, which is hosted at LSE this year. It seemed such a long way off—the last weekend of the term—but it’s already the penultimate week of term! I completely can’t believe that it’s December, and A is coming next week. Excited to see her — and, she’s kind enough to bring over my long-awaited camera, so I’m looking forward to go and start snapping shots of the magical Christmas season here in London!

With the term wrapping up, I’m hoping to finally start visiting a few museums, and I’m also planning a trip to Berlin in a week! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been buckling down to get some work done, so I haven’t been as active on the blog… but with travels and a new camera on the horizon, expect some more fun updates in the near future!


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