The Week’s Roundup

I post pretty frequently as it is, but a few off-topic points usually don’t make it in. And so, I bring you weekly potpourri!

1. The Joy of Eating 

Few things in life give me greater joy than good food had with good company. Good company I can still find in spades here, but good food is a life pleasure that I’ve sort of forgone for the time that I’m in London. I eat, on average, one delicious meal per week. The rest of the week, I make do with yogurt, granola, sandwiches and whatever else.

I never even liked sandwiches to begin with. My mom used to get frustrated with me because she would pack me these nice sandwiches for school, and I wouldn’t eat them. It’s not til later in life that I realized, I just don’t like sandwiches. A burger or a panini I can handle, but when I move back to the States, I am never eating a sandwich!!!! Ever again!!!

Oops.. tangent. What I meant to blog about was my delicious meal of the week:

Busaba Eathai! Recommended by at least four people, this place was delish! I had a dish with chicken and thin noodles. I don’t remember the name, but it was flavored like pad see ew and had lots of crunchy Chinese broccoli cooked just so. What I loved about the place was the open space with communal tables, and the fact that they have big bottles of soy, sriracha and squid sauce in the middle of each. The dish was a little bland at first (I’m guessing, to suit the English palate), but once I added big dollops of sauce, it was a tasty delight.

2. English English

I was told that people here don’t speak with a “British accent,” since Great Britain refers to England, Scotland, Wales (… and, um, Northern Ireland? educate me?), each of which has a different accent. So it’s actually the English accent we anglophiles love.

3. American English

I’ve heard a number of times that in their teen years, people here wished they had an American accent. But they’ve since wised up; I asked one friend if she still feels that way, and she slipped out a little chuckle, which turned her polite “not really” into more of a “hells no!” Heehee.


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